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About us

Kiddy Jungle
Amusement Equipment

The company was founded in 2006 as an operator for kiddie rides and then for arcade machines. After a few years, the company began the full reconditioning of equipment, giving them a new look. Sometimes we bring essential improvements to the original product through a new design, music or light games. In addition, most models incorporate electronic parts which have been completely exchanged and improved by our specialists.

Thanks to the efforts of the entire team, Kiddy Jungle is recognized today in Romania as a leader of entertainment equipment for children. We currently operate more than 300 kiddie rides and arcade machines situated in various locations around the country.

In the near future we plan to manufacture our first models of kiddie rides and to promote our company’s image outside the country.

If you’re looking for a way to obtain long-term revenue, our equipment is an excellent choice. Designed so as to satisfy all children’s tastes, it represents a good opportunity to maximize your space and to create a secure income.

Contact us and we will help you turn your ideas and projects into reality!